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      PLEASE READ. On the Topic of Clans and Communities   08/25/2016

      Clans/Communities now have a space to communicate. Dawn of Gaming as a platform will now support Clans and Communities, per following our code of conduct. What this means is we will provide forums and pages for new clans/communities who don't have a website or are do not want to build one for a small fee. These pages will remain away from the general public to prevent mix ups and will bring more users to the site. We will soon make a page on how to sign clans and communities up, but until then you can PM Spencer for more information. Thanks for your continued support.  It is my intention to remain as transparent through this process as possible. I would like to see what is best for our website and the only way I can see what works and sticks is to try new things. Clans and Communities are aware that they must still follow the code of conduct and terms of use. Dawn of Gaming Staff will also still have full control in moderation and administrative actions towards these groups. Bans will be set in motion if we notice a consistent lack of respect and rules by said clan/community. Unaffiliated members may view and post in said clan/community pages. Leadership roles will be unchanged during this time. The only change will be in the grouping, where after they receive their website group, they will have their clan group. Here is a better visual example below   Unaffiliated Dawn of Gaming Member- Username: Spencer, Member Role  Dawn of Gaming Member with clan affiliation- Username: Spencer, Member Role (Clan Role/Rank)   Note that although they may look different, there is no difference in the users grouping in concern to Dawn of Gaming. They may still have a leadership role, but the role will remain separate from their clan role/rank. Their affiliation does not represent their member status on Dawn of Gaming. A new member compared to a new member from a clan have the same privileges on our site.    Remember being in a clan/community is optional, Dawn of Gaming desires to be a large platform with independence from other clans and communities, however we do acknowledge clans/communities and their impacts on activity and presence. I want to thank you for making this jump with me. Please PM us with any concerns or if you believe that any member is in violation of the code of conduct, regardless of clan affiliation.   Thank you for your continued support,  Spencer, Dawn of Gaming Staff.        


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